5 Top tips to get productive

  1. To do, to do, to do: Make sure you have a comprehensive up to date list of things you need to get done. Update and re write this weekly so that the tasks you don’t get done that week are not on a never ending list. By re writing the full list each week this will prompt you to realise how long things have been on there. Extra tip: Make sure you tick them as you go so you get a sense of how productive you have been.
  2. Top 3 biggies: Do the 3 biggest or scariest things on your list first and the rest of the day will be a breeze. Leave these till last and you’ll worry and procrastinate about them all day.
  3. Cut the cord: If you get distracted, take away the distraction. Sound simple? Latest research says the average person aged between 18- 64 spends at least 3.2 hours on social media each day. Thats 3.2 hours you could have been productive. Phones are never far away from us and its very easy to take a sneaky peak at Facebook or Instagram but just think of those little sneak peaks adding up to time wasted.
  4. Bite size chunks: If your job/ business allows then break down your day into manageable chunks. E.g E-mails AM Tasks/ Phone calls/ Meetings PM. We have all had days when we have been tied to just getting through the e-mails and at the end of the day you  feel like you’ve achieved nothing yet you didn’t move from your desk!
  5. Do things differently: If you constantly do the same thing you’ll get the same results. Change what you do to change the end result.

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