6 Ways to beat Anxiety after Job Loss

Reduce your anxiety by taking action
What can you do at the moment that’s within your control. For example could you look at making sure your CV and covering letter is the best it can be? There are some great online tools you can use for this and I have included the links below

15 Ways to Improve Your CV

How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

Concentrate on your strengths
When we have been made redundant it is easy for us to feel like we are just a number and lack importance. Some key questions that are asked in interviews are “what are your strengths?” Or “tell me a time when you made a difference at work?” For you to start looking into this now and writing all this down not only will give you a head start for interview prep but will also help you to remember your worth

Pay attention to your feelings
When low mood or anxiety is setting in it’s a good idea to acknowledge the physical feelings that your body is producing when you feel like this. For example tightening of chest, struggling to sleep, feeling overly tired, feeling tearful etc. All of these physical symptoms are actually our body’s way of telling us our mind needs some focus. So rather than beating yourself up that you feel low and resorting to leaning into this, this is a time to practice mental resilience ( see below)

Self Resilience
Firstly I think it’s important to note that when something life changing happens you need to be sad about that loss and acknowledge its ok to be sad, feel frustrated and be angry. When you get to the next stage of acceptance this is when you need to apply self resilience. This is what will get you through the waiting period from now until a job offer. To do this plan yourself a daily routine, this will give you structure, focus and keep energy levels up. Think of things you can include in your routine like cleaning out the cupboard under the stairs, spending one hour a day looking / applying for jobs, spend an hour reading a good book, spend 20 minutes doing an online free yoga/exercise/meditation routine, etc

Positive friendships
Make sure you are keeping in touch with friends, it’s easy to retreat and go in on yourself when you’re struggling but actually this is when you should be calling on those friendships the most. If your friends were going through the same thing you would be there for them in a heartbeat so allow yourself to let them do that for you. I also think if your friends know you are actively looking for a job they can also be on the lookout for any potential positions that may be applicable for you or they can help you brush up on your CV or covering letter

Don’t let this define you
Don’t allow yourself to be defined by your job status. Remember what you have to offer, thinking about your core skills and strengths. With any thing in our life we can choose to be defined by it or we can choose to come back from it stronger. Anyone I know who has been made redundant has always gone on to find a job that in the long term is much better suited to their needs/abilities / lifestyle. Reframe this as an opportunity to try something new, meet new people, stretch yourself and gain new skills

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