About Me.

In my early career I fast tracked my promotions not because I was eager to progress but I had found something that I was truly passionate about that didn’t feel like work. I was the youngest Regional Manager by the time I was 23 and continued to accelerate progression in my field.

Although I seemed super successful to the outside world, what I hadn’t dealt with was how I felt about myself, there was still a huge element of imposter syndrome and the fear I may get found out. Thoughts like ‘I’m a fraud’ , ’I just got lucky’  or ‘I ’m not smart enough’ would regularly run through my mind causing me crippling anxiety. Deep down I didn’t feel truly worthy of the status I had gained.

This would lead me to question my decision making, question any praise I received and I’d regularly procrastinate over things meaning I had to cram deadlines at the last minute. I was constantly questioning wether I was good enough, which negatively effected my intimate relationships and friendships. This was the lowest I had been in my mental health and I needed support

I was lucky enough that someone pointed me in the direction of a coach. I paid privately for this and it was the best decision I ever made – an absolute game changer!

Not only did I gain confidence back in my career but I was also able to regain confidence in my personal life. I worked out what my anxiety triggers were and how to implement personal coping strategies that I still use to this day

The biggest thing that changed is that over time I figured out how to make MYSELF Happy!! Previously I’d been looking for happiness in my career and relationship status but I gained the tools to create happiness from within and from that place I became more successful in my career and personal life.

Once I had the tools, I knew that so many other people needed to be able to experience the life changing breakthroughs I had experienced.  The techniques I use go way beyond dealing with anxious thoughts and to the heart of the internal mindset system. With my diploma in NLP and performance coaching, certified DISC behaviour accreditation and over 3000 hours worth of 1-1 coaching I successfully work with high achievers to help them overcome anxieties and limiting beliefs empowering them to create limitless success and fulfilment.

I can’t wait to support you!

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National diploma level 5 Performance Coach EDI UK Academic Accreditation body – Education Development International. Certified Everything DISC Behaviour assessment tool authorised partner.