26 Aug 20 / Blog

Ambition can lead to unhappiness

Do you find yourself consistently moving the goal post? Did you think “when I achieve x y and z I’ll feel content” and then you achieved it and there was another golden carrot dangling that seemed more appealing

Ambition is a great quality to have, its what drives you forward and creates success but…… But an excess of ambition can also be dangerous, leading to burnout and removing any joy from what you have achieved

How can you overcome this?
– Have markers in the sand so when you achieve X you’ll reward yourself with Y and spend time enjoying the success before you move on to the next challenge

– Be process driven. Enjoy the journey of each goal rather than only focusing on the outcome

– Focus on you and your journey. Don’t let the achievements of others distract you from what you set out to do. You’ll never get your happy content moment if you only live by comparing

– Gratitude is more powerful than ambition for making you happy right now in this moment. Take time at least once a week to breath in everything you’re thankful for in your life

-Ask yourself what would you 16 year old self think of you right now? This will allow you to get clarity on how far you have come