05 May 21 / Blog

Anxiety doesn’t have to be debilitating

Anxiety can feel like its debilitating, keeping you stuck in a cycle of self doubt and self sabotage

When you have anxiety it’s your body’s response to something uncomfortable that you are feeling, it’s actually there to protect you and to send you a signal that you need to take action because it’s perceives you are in danger

What we tend to do with an anxious thought is to push it down and put it to the back of your mind by distracting yourself, but it’s still there!! Now you have low mood, low energy and EVERYTHING is an effort even a simple conversation

So let me help you…..

  • Listen to the anxious thought
  • Write it down
  • Reframe it into the outcome that you want not the outcome you fear 
  • Then put action to the outcome 

Anxious thought 

I’m worried I’ll mess up at work 


I want to look and feel like I have it altogether


  • Prepare for success! Get your organisation skills to peak performance level 
  • Set yourself daily/ weekly / monthly goals
  • Build confidence by stepping outside your comfort zone and stretch yourself
  • Be proactive not reactive

Use your anxiety as your barometer that you might need to take some action 

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