01 Jun 21 / Blog

Are you a struggling overachiever?

Overachieving comes with a pretty hefty price tag. 

That price tag manifests itself as long-term, unresolved stress that comes from overworking and extending yourself and your mind too far, for too long, without any breaks. Let me ask you are you a struggling overachiever?

It looks something like this:

  • You’ve just been assigned a new role at work! You’re excited, proud of your accomplishment, and buzzing with ideas. You’re working a little harder than normal, excited about what’s ahead. 
  • The excitement about the role has worn off, but you’re still pushing through. Some days are harder than others. You start to notice anxious thoughts and feelings, avoidance of certain tedious tasks, fatigue, overwhelm, lack of focus, and a general decline in productivity. 
  • You’re starting to go to bed at night dreading the day ahead. Previous symptoms start to become more intense, and now you’re experiencing cynical thoughts or reactions, denial of problems, feeling like you’ve lost control, persistent fatigue, procrastination, resentfulness, and you’re starting to miss deadlines. 
  • By this point, you’re fully immersed in burnout. Your sour mood remains unchanged for days on end. The headaches, stomach issues, self-doubt, and frustration only grow. Even time with your loved ones becomes too much to handle.
  • You’ve pushed past burnout, and you’re chronically fatigued, both mentally and physically. Your thoughts become incredibly pessimistic and you find yourself in a state of depression for days or weeks on end. You need help. 

It is possible to stop burnout from progressing before it’s too late. Here’s what you can do to cope:

  • Use up some paid time off. Even if it feels like you can’t abandon your new role, you can. 
  • Ask yourself what tasks, circumstances, and feelings lead you to feel worse. Try to find a new way to complete these tasks. Or delegate them!
  • Start your day with a great Morning Motivation Routine 

When all else fails and you’re feeling hopeless, reach out for help. Be it a boss, a coworker, a spouse, or myself, you WILL find a solution to #burnout and a game plan for your future. 

If you’re ready for real lasting change right now than book your Discovery Call in to find out more 

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