01 Sep 20 / Blog

Back to School Anxiety

Big week this week ( or next depending on schools), for parents we are gearing up for some much needed structure and routine. For children it might be a different matter and the thought of returning could present some real anxiety

Here’s some tips on how to support them this week:

  • Read the guidelines on your schools website together and discuss with them what school procedures will look like
  • They may have anxiety around being back with their peers. We often remember the bad experiences about something rather than any good. Empathise and listen, don’t say “ no one will judge you” or “no one is going to be mean” this will make them feel like they are not being heard. Instead discuss if it has happened before and ask them how they dealt with it then and if they feel they could deal with it differently next time
  • Thoughts are not always factual, so asking them what they are worried about will help them to problem solve those deep concerns
  • Ask them what’s the best day they can remember from school, this will get them thinking about the things they like rather than what they are fearful of
  • Make sure the morning of first day back is as stress free as you can make it for all of you. Uniforms out night before, bags packed and ready to go. Expect it to be a bit prickerly for them so you’re managing your own expectations

Huge well done to everyone that has juggled 5 months of working and parenting. 💪🏼 it was a slog fest but we made it