18 Jan 21 / Blog

Being resilient during Covid

Wether you’re home schooling, home schooling and working, maybe you’re living alone and feeling very isolated from friends and family

Whatever your situation it continues to be a testing time. 

Recently on my social media feed i’m seeing the word resilience pop up a lot and being resilient during Covid pandemic

Psychologists define resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, and tragedy. Resilience is sometimes wrongly defined as the ability to carry on and keeping going ignoring how you feel. I see resilience as being mindful, checking in with how you are feeling so that you can adapt when met with a tough situation.

My top tips on building your mental resilience in the current climate 

1 Concentrate on your strengths

Start looking at what you are achieving rather than what you’re not

2 Don’t ignore what’s not working

There maybe a time of the day or week that is tougher than others. If you’re home schooling and working I appreciate there’s no magic wand here but maybe there are things that can make it easier. Like having meals prepped so you don’t have to fit that in,

For those on your own you may have found a routine that works when you’re working but your days off have become a source of anxiety so what can you do on your day off to ensure you are coping?

3 Reduce your anxiety by taking action

You cant change your mind with your mind but you can change it with positive action. For some that may just be getting dressed in the morning , for others it could be sending out your C.V 

4 Be Mindful

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword but if we break it down its the process of being mind full and to be mindful we understand our thoughts and when they are helping or hindering us. Make a physical note of when you have a bad day and why that was vs when you have a good day. That good day routine could be a blueprint for what works for you, so are you able to repeat that

5 Connection

Make sure you are keeping in touch with friends and family, it’s easy to retreat and go in on in yourself especially when what was unusual back in March 2020 is now just the norm. We may have to get creative to do this and plan better but having those connections is so important right now

6 What do you need?

Knowing what you need to keep you above your coping level is really important, wether its a daily walk outside, planning your food so you don’t graze or taking positive action rather than doing nothing

Finally Resilience is not pretending everything is ok it’s acknowledging it’s not and you’re working round it.