10 Nov 20 / Blog

Building on hope in the current climate

Hope on the horizon…….

Lots of my clients in the last few days are feeling hopeful. The recent news coverage of elections and vaccinations have come at the right time. A time when we went into lockdown no2 not knowing what was ahead

We may still not know what is ahead but when we have hope our energy shifts and we feel more energetic, those little tasks that seemed like an effort now come more easier

So whilst in this good space it can be a great time for reflection and build on that hope

Ask yourself: what bad habits have I created in the last 9 months that I want to amend and what fantastic patterns have I developed?

2020 has not been easy but personally it has taught me so much. In the last 9 month i developed from a platform of fear and scarcity and now i’m building on a platform of hope