22 Mar 21 / Blog

Constantly Overwhelmed?

Do you FEEL like you just go through the motions every day and there’s a constant feeling of being OVERWHELMED

Overwhelm is everywhere in society today. At home, in the workplace and especially if you work for yourself.

Being overwhelmed feels like this…

  • I don’t even feel motivated
  • I can just about do the bare minimum
  • I don’t have time for me
  • I can never get everything done
  • I’m constantly torn
  • I have no energy to do anything

I can help you GET UNSTUCK right now!

My TOP TIPS to beat overwhelm

  1. Make a plan – write down one thing you want to achieve this week
  2. Schedule some ‘me time’ – do something for yourself, a hobby, activity or reading
  3. Organisation – Not just physical organisation but organising the thoughts in your head. Write down EVERYTHING you are thinking. Sometimes just freeing up that mental space in your head will help you to see a clear way out of overwhelm
  4. Do some personal discovery work – spend time working out why you’re overwhelmed and what can you do to problem solve

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