16 Dec 20 / Blog

Do a life Audit

The clients that joined me in 2020 for their transformation Coaching programme, came to me wanting change. To reignite their personal life, advance their professional life, gain unwavering self confidence but above all to feel happy and content

NOW If you just managed to make it to Dec 2020 without achieving any growth or substantial change YOU still made it!! The year a global pandemic hit, lets be honest  we all just wanted to make it through.

2021 we can see with a perspective rather than like 2020 that hit us straight in the face! Let me help you not just survive 2021 but thrive. The best starting point is to do the following, a LIFE AUDIT 

To start, carve out 20 minutes to complete this and use the following headings as a guide

Audit how you spend your time?

Audit your fitness level?

Audit your relationships

Audit your energy levels 

Audit how happy your are

Audit your personal time

Audit your skills sets

To do each audit:

Ask yourself on a scale of 1- 10 how happy am I in this area 10 being completely satisfied and 1 needs major improvement

For those that hit a 10 continue as you are for those than need any improvements what is needed? 

What can you do differently for 2021 to transform where you are now to where you want to be…….