28 Apr 21 / Blog

Do you have constant negative thoughts?

Do you have constant negative thoughts? These thoughts could be things like:

  • I won’t even try because I’ll probably fail
  • I’m not great at anything
  • I’m going to get found out and everyone will realise I’m no good
  • If only I could be like….. they’re much better than me
  • How does everyone else have it all together?

There is another choice and it’s available to you right now, i’m going to share some quick wins you can start implementing:

  • Don’t sit in the pain, start to question your thoughts. Are any of them true
  • For those that are true then what can you do to problem solve? How can you overcome your current hurdles?
  • For those that are presumed thoughts ask yourself this powerful question “who would I be without this anxious stressful thought, what would I be doing or concentrating on? This is a fantastic tool to snap you out of the intrusive thoughts and get you to concentrate on the things you can effect 

Intrusive thoughts don’t just keep you stuck they are also incredibly tiring. They fill up much needed mental space, space needed to actually get on with your job/ life so if you’re wondering why its always difficult and feels exhausting start checking in with those thoughts!

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