22 Feb 21 / Blog

Do you procrastinate?

Do you procrastinate? Are you reading this knowing you are putting off a list of other things you could/ should be doing?

Procrastination is a viscous circle as the more you procrastinate you lower your energy levels and the harder it is to actually get your shizzle done!

Theres a story we tell ourselves when we procrastinate:

  • “oh its ok i’ll do it tomorrow”
  • “Ive got too much on, i deserve to have a day off” etc etc

Whatever the story its not the real cause, the reason we procrastinate is because we believe any or all of the following:

  • We’re afraid we’ll fail
  • It seems so overwhelming and no idea where to start
  • We’re afraid of Someone else’s opinion
  • Lack of structure / routine

My Top 4 tips to overcome Procrastination

  • Write everything down you need to to do, don’t have anything left in your head as thats when we get overwhelmed
  • The one thing that seems too big, break it down into smaller tasks
  • Create a routine / structure to support what you’re trying to achieve and be strict!
  • Imagine how good it will feel when you’ll accomplish it

How you spend your day is a reflection of how you will feel, prioritise the actions you need to achieve your goals and not only will you reduce your anxiety and stress you’ll also to start to feel motivated and energised! WIN WIN

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