23 Feb 21 / Blog

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed can be a vicious cycle, when we start to feel overwhelmed, we procrastinate, our energy lowers and we struggle to get motivated to overcome all that is leaving us overwhelmed completing the cycle keeping us stuck. At this low mood low energy state all we can do is the bare minimum so we never get on top and we become reactive rather than proactive

You can STOP this cycle now by taking a moment and follow my steps below to go from overwhelmed to winning!

  • Make a plan! Start your week with purpose and be strategic about what it is you want to achieve for the week and highlight the non-negotiables and whilst you’re trying to get up to date remove anything that is a nice to do
  • Plan in time for you. It can sometimes feel like you cant carve the time you need for you but this is so important if you are trying to show up for everybody else. Whether it’s 30 minutes before bed to read or planning in some hobbies and activities you keeping putting off but you know they make you feel less stressed and more energised
  • Check in and do some personal discovery work. Take time to actually work out what it is that is making you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes it can be the little things adding up that can make everything feel unmanageable so whether it’s organising your meal plan for the week so that takes one decision away a day or if it’s the one big project at work you’ve been putting off for a while be honest with yourself then formulate a plan to attack. If its the little thing then write them all down and work through if its the big project then start by breaking it down into manageable steps 
  • Bullet proof Organisation is key when feeling overwhelmed. To allow your mind space to start getting on top of things you need to remove all of the thoughts and worries and get them down on paper. When you can see it all in print it feels more manageable then you can attack this in an organised fashion setting yourself goals and targets for the day/ week 

Go win the week and take back control!

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