20 Mar 21 / Blog

Happiness can be a permanent state!

You may not believe this is possible, that happiness can be a permanent state so let me ask you..

Where are you on the HAPPINESS scale?
If 10 is super happy and 0 is you lowest mood to date, where are you right now?

Most people sit at a 4 and the clients that come to me presume that this is just the way life is and happiness is not something that can be a constant state. Let me put this out there…You only have one life so not only should you be happy everyday but you SHOULD want that for yourself even if you’re not sure if it is possible just yet

So what is a 4, a 4 is an uncomfortable comfort zone. You’re neither happy nor sad but you worry abut what if and fear worst case scenario. YOU think that this helps you to stay in control and be on high alert..BUT this actually keeps you stuck

Because when you’re at a 4 and something bad does happen it sends you into lower into the scale so now you’re at a 2, feeling rubbish because you think bad stuff happens to you and that you’ll never be happy

MY CLIENTS leave my programme at an 8 / 9 this is happy.

Happy is exciting, happy is motivation, happy is content and happy is confident. When something bad happens they may go to a 7. When you are at a 7 you can see clearly enough to pivot your mindset, consciously work on the subconscious to connect with your thoughts to get back to a happy content state

This takes work to reprogram your subconscious thoughts BUT it is 100% possible. Ive lived in both scales and the high end is now my comfort zone.

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