06 Jun 21 / Blog

How The Pandemic Has Effected Our Mental Health

Last week I was interviewed for ITV as part of their Mind Matters segment, we were discussing how the pandemic has effected our mental health

From a negative point of view one thing that the pandemic did was to magnifying and shine a spotlight on areas of our life that were unhappy. If you had social anxiety this is now magnified by the amount of time spent in your own company and can feel much harder to just switch back to socialising again

But i’m also seeing a positive reaction to the pandemic with clients deciding now that they want real positive change wether that be a whole new career change or they’re ready to put themselves back out there and date again. Pre pandemic they may have just coasted along not really feeling fulfilled but the last year has had a lasting impact on what is important for everyone, what we can change and leave behind

How the pandemic has effected our Mental Health has been both positive and negative but those that are thriving are the ones that have decided they want real change. Making big changes can be scary but the last year has definitely showed us what is important and losing a year to a pandemic is pushing us over the fear line to embrace our new found freedom

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