16 Nov 20 / Blog

How to build self worth 5 Top tips

How much effort do you put into building your self worth?

Do you constantly seek self worth or validation from:

  • Your job
  • Your peers / management / teams
  • Your friendships
  • Parental opinions
  • Your partner or looking for a partner to fill the void
  • Your material gains

If this resonates then most likely it’s because you’ve never taken time to value YOU, you’ve spent a lot of time looking for external validation that you have not taken time to work on your own self acceptance and self love. When YOU value YOU then you remove that internal dialogue that says but what will they think or making up narratives in your head that have no basis. You can be confident in your own self worth that the worry of what will they think just doesn’t linger

Self acceptance is not the “I am amazing look at me” type of confidence you may think. Its accepting yourself, strengths and weaknesses and seeing ourselves truly as we are

Here are my top 5 tips to build your self worth:

  • When you go down a path of self criticism be conscious of it and evaluate what is going on not what your thoughts are telling you. Your mind has been programmed to tell you, you are not enough so daily practice to change the habits
  • You’ve created a narrative about who you are so you need to change the story! Write out your strengths, personality traits, weaknesses and be fully aware of the true you. The person your friends would describe you as, what your colleagues would say etc
  • Don’t compare yourself to someone else. This is your journey so how do you want to show up for it?
  • EVERY TIME your do something nice for someone or something you’re proud of then let that thought or feeling linger for longer than you would beat yourself up about something
  • Focus on GROWTH not the RESULTS, set yourself the outcome you want but spend the rest of your time and energy on the routines and actions that will slowly but surely move you there. This way you can recognise what you’re doing daily and how well you are doing rather than thinking about the result and feeling like you’re not there yet

To build self worth, learn to love yourself and accept yourself is a daily practice and 100% more rewarding then to beat yourself up daily!