09 Jul 17 / Blog

How to choose a life coach

Life coaching is becoming more and more popular now as a great form of modern therapy but with its surge in popularity there comes the question of how to choose the best life coach for you.

1. Choose an accredited coach.
Believe it or not but anyone can set up a website and say they are a life coach without the necessary training, diplomas and supervision. If they are an accredited coach then they will be monitored yearly by a governing body and will have had to meet a strict criteria of training and qualified to Coach

2. Find a coach that works in your area of need
Check out their website, does it state that they work within your area of need. Most people hire a life coach when something in their life is not going well. It could be that your life is lacking meaning and purpose, your career path is not going in the right direction. Whatever the case is, you want to find a life coach that works in the thing that you want to improve.

3. Choose a coach that has rapport with you.
If your first meeting is a little flat and you don’t feel that the coach ‘gets’ you then maybe the two of you just don’t have the rapport needed to enable coaching to work. Don’t give up on coaching in this instance just try to find a different coach that is better suited. Coaches wont be offended, this is a 2 way process and for this to work you need to feel comfortable in their company and build rapport to work together on your goals/ issues.