06 Apr 20 / Blog

How to improve confidence in Virtual Meetings

How to show up in virtual meetings! My 5 top tips

Have you lacked confidence in meetings? Is this magnified now you are showing up via video conferencing?

– Focus on the content of the meeting. If you spend your time focussing on “what does everything think of me” you’ll get side tracked from the purpose and likely you won’t come across confident and clear
– Plan. There is a great quote by Benjamin Franklin “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Take time pre meeting to make notes. Title what the Angela is for the meeting. If its simply just to get updates then you can still prepare for this by making detailed notes of what you have been working on, any issues you foresee and any questions you need answering
– Solutions. If you have a list of concerns its good to: 1 Be clear about what the problems are. 2 Understand who this may impact in the team 3. list possible solutions 4. ask everyone what their thoughts are
– Listen intently. Its quite easy to get distracted when you’re not in the same room as others and our minds can wander. Stay engaged by making notes on what is being said
– Thoughts effect behaviour. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful, they effect our actions and our actions effect our results. So if you go into these meetings thinking “ i hate these meetings, i’m going to mess up, people will judge me etc” then your actions will be based on these thoughts. If you go into these meetings treating them as a devilment area that you need to improve you will remove the emotional attachment and look for ways in which you can improve interactions, opportunity’s to speak with clarity and a chance to truly show up in your meetings!