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How To Increase Your Positive Vibration Frequency

Law Of Attraction

According to the Law of Attraction, your thoughts dictate your reality. So if you are in a great place mentally, excited about life and all the possibilities you will attract your desires. Likewise if you dwell on negative thoughts and expect the worst, then you increase the likelihood that this will come true 

This is one of the first stumbling blocks people come across when trying to manifest, how to increase your positive vibration frequency if you’re not in a good space

Now I know it’s super hard to go from a negative headspace to a positive one when you’re just not feeling it and when you can’t see any results so let me share with you some top tips to get you into a high vibrational space

Increasing Your Positive Vibration Frequency

  • Smile… even when you don’t have anything to smile about, this gives you a rush of endorphins. Try it, it’s free
  • Make time for friends…. Mainly those ones that will lift your vibrations! Being with friends who radiate joy, love and laughter is like food for the soul
  • Gratitude…..Taking time to be thankful for where you are now is super powerful. No matter your circumstances there will always be something you can pull on to be grateful for in your life
  • Act like it’s already here… To be a vibrational match for what you want you have to be able to visualise it first and then picture yourself in the image. Feel how good it will feel when it’s already here
  • Meditate…Spending just 10 minutes a day doing a manifestation meditation will get speed up the process

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