28 Sep 21 / Blog

I don’t have enough energy…

When something is bothering us, a feeling of dissatisfaction or discomfort weighs down on us and in turn we take in less oxygen. Less oxygen = less energy. This makes the first stages of changing your anxious mindset even harder because you feel like you don’t have the energy to change

The mind and body connection is so powerful and yet we forget to give our mind and body what it needs to flourish

Teeny tiny small things everyday will increase you energy and in turn your mood supporting you to implement personal development :

  • Do the one thing everyday that you know you don’t want to do but really you should do!
  • Get up earlier! If you’re someone who leaves getting ready to the last minute and is rushing out the door this will make you feel exhausted by the time you get to work
  • Change your evening routine. Add something in that you’ll look forward to so it’s not going to work/ going home on repeat. ( do not add in alcohol as this will make the energy decrease! I know what you were thinking….)
  • Challenge yourself at work. Take on a new project/ set yourself a new goal. If work has become easy / mundane that will steal energy! Inject energy by giving yourself something that will stretch you mentally

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