02 Mar 21 / Blog

“I’m not good enough”

How many times do you tell yourself this? The “I’m not good enough” negative self talk is 100% affecting how you show up at work, your personal relationships, your friendships and your parenting and if you don’t break the cycle the likely hood is you will unconsciously pass on your insecurities to your children

This may sound like a harsh reality check but it is so true. Think about your upbringing and without blame or judgement ask yourself where do your insecurities stem from. Did you parents have unstoppable confidence? Were you told you could achieve anything you put your mind too?

When you have a limiting belief like “I’m not good enough” we start the coaching process by working chronologically to pin point where the limiting beliefs come from so we can rewire your Adult brain and give you the confidence you not only deserve but deeply crave

When you 100% know you are enough:

  • Your connections are deeper
  • You never question yourself instead you question the process
  • You show up with energy and determination
  • You are fully present
  • You love the life you live
  • Your actions are aligned with your dreams
  • You reach your potential
  • Success is not a destination but a natural outcome of your actions
  • The only approval you seek is your own

Letting go of self-doubt and self-sabotage will give you a life filled with love, joy and happiness. You have spent most of your life feeling like you are not enough, decide that this stops today

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