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Make your anxiety work for you

Anxiety can feel crippling and debilitating but there is a way to make your anxiety work for you. What you may or may not know is that your anxiety is your body’s way of telling you that you are in danger and that there may be something to fear.

When anxiety starts to manifest and for everyone this is different so it could be physical symptoms like tight chest, headache, muscle pain etc or it could be ruminating fear based thinking what we tend to do when it shows up is to either try and ignore it and distract ourselves or we sit with the worry and not unpick what it’s trying to tell us

Why we have anxiety….

Because our bodies were designed in a way for us to fear the outside world, think back to being a caveman when as a species we had to face real danger as soon as we stepped outside of the cave to go hunt and gather. We were primed to be on high alert and presume the worst to be able to protect ourselves, we have taken this protection mindset into each century when now our dangers are less life-threatening and yet our mind wants us to catastrophize and fear worst case scenario

Understand your thoughts

Understanding that when you have an anxious thought or physical symptoms of anxiety that one of the most powerful things you can do is to check in with your subconscious thoughts. Your anxiety is telling you that something is not right in your external world and that you need to take action

In Seven steps I’m going to show you how you can turn that anxiety into your superpower

  1. Check in with your energy. Notice first of all when you start to have physical symptoms of anxiety. When you notice yourself feeling low in energy or one of the physical symptoms showing up this is the perfect time to catch it and to start to understand why you might be feeling low in mood before the anxiety takes hold
  2. Question your thoughts. So instead of running away from your thoughts I want you to sit with them. Ask yourself a series of questions; why am I feeling sad right now? What is my anxious thoughts? Where is it coming from, is it justified or fear based?
  3. Reframe the outcome. So if you’re anxious thought is “I cant do it” reframe to “how can i do it?” Reframe is an incredibly powerful tool because it forces us to see the positive when our mind wants to go to a negative bias
  4. Take positive action. You can’t change your thoughts by just telling yourself you are wrong you have to tell yourself with action. So if your anxious thought is “I’m not good at work” then start to consciously work on your development areas by taking positive action
  5. Review your results. Now you’re in the process of taking action against your anxiety and this is a key step in the process. Your results will either be positive and youre getting closer to your goals. Always take time to reflect on how far you’ve come and what you have achieved so you can start to say positive progression. This is when you start to realise your anxious thoughts hold no truth when you decide to work against them
  6. Return a step 4 if needed. If you are not getting the desired results again this is an important step because rather than it confirming your fears you need to review what actions you took. If you’re anxious thought is “I struggle to make friends” and yet you know you took positive action because you showed up at a social gathering you need to reflect on what you did when you showed up for example were you actively making conversation or were you waiting for people to talk to you? Look around you and observe how other people interact with ease what can you do to start replicating this
  7. Checking in with the subconscious. Once you start to become more aware of the subconscious thoughts you will start to notice a pattern of the story you tell yourself. If you are actively working through this process by the end of this you will start to see results that do not reflect the story that has been part of your subconscious. You’re now conscious of the subconscious and working through each thought without taking is as fact

Remember your anxiety wants to warn you that there is something going on that you may need to address and if you can look at the subconscious thoughts, taking the emotion out of them and not letting them run deeper you can problem solve your way out of it and by taking positive action you get greater results in the process!

Success comes when you realise you are not the story you tell yourself

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