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Mental Health scale, where are you?

Mental health is a scale, on this scale theres deep rooted depression, anxiety, coping, existing, feeling ok, feeling good and finally permanent happiness

We’re either in the POSITIVE state of mental health or the NEGATIVE. When we’re in the negative its extremely difficult to see that theres anything other than a scale going from deep anxiety to just coping. Everyday is just the same with worrying about what you said yesterday to what bad thing might happen tomorrow

I am proof that with the right support/ therapy you can go from deep rooted depression/ anxiety to sustained positive mental health that you can maintain long term. I’ve been in positive mental health for 14 years straight with no negative mental health symptomsPositive mental health for me looks like:

When something good happens I am able to truly enjoy it

I live in the moment being truly happy not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow

When something bad happens I’m able to deal with it and adapt without hitting a wall

I dont over think or worry what other people think of me

I’m mindful of my thoughts and lean in to those that serve me and problem solve the ones that dont

I know what coping mechanisms I need to feel positive and I use these daily

Im confident in myself and my abilities and I make my dreams a reality

Now take each of the above and think of the opposites for each statement, that was me in my late teens early 20’s riddled with anxiety and depressionIts soo possible to do the work, understand your anxieties and triggers and put in life long coping mechanisms and when you do that the world looks completely different on a daily basis. This is the exact work I do with my clients so if this resonates then get in touch now and I can give you more detail on how my coaching framework can help you to change your trajectory ✨

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If you feel like you are at the lowest end of the scale please do seek help ASAP by speaking to your GP Link to NHS website here 

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