14 Apr 20 / Blog

Morning Motivation Ritual

This whole method should take around 10 minutes

Find a chair or comfortable spot to sit up straight. Needs to be a relatively quiet area. Mums and Dads may need to escape to the bathroom in turns!

Deep breaths in and out. You can use 345 breathing technique breathe in for 3 hold for 4 breathe out for 5. 1 MINUTE

Put your hands on your heart. Feel its power and strength as you breathe into it. 30 SECONDS

Think of 5 things you’re really grateful for right now. This can be your child laughing, the bright sky, food in your fridge or an achievement you’re proud of. This can be in the past or current .1 MINUTE

With deep breaths, fill your air with lungs and visualise a warm circle surrounding you ( like the sun on your face). A healing warm circle, strengthening your thoughts and energy. As you take a long breath out, i want you to imagine you’re breathing out anxious thoughts and removing them from your thoughts. Do this and keep strengthening the warm positive thoughts and minimising the anxious ones. 1 MINUTE

You should now feel stronger in your thoughts and your breaths and i want you to send this out to 5 people, friends, family, colleagues or someone you don’t even know. Visualise positive energy being sent out to them whilst you continue with the focussed breathing. 1 MINUTE AND 30 SECONDS

This will be the ultimate spring board to support your goals. Whats are the things you want to achieve the most? What would it mean to get them? How would you feel? What would achieving them feel like? Use the power of your thoughts to imagine you have achieved them now. I personally pick 3 goals as its easier to think of 3 and be able to walk through the detail. Fully emerge yourself in these goals, the journey to them and how success with feel. 3 MINUTES

Start to bring in normal breathing whilst thinking about the day ahead. What is the thing you want to achieve today that tomorrow you will be grateful for? This can be as simple as being productive or practising patience and understanding. Go step into your day with purpose, energy and clarity. 1 MINUTE