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Painfully worrying what other people think of you?

Worrying what other people think of you can be incredibly debilitating and can cause you to derail from achieving your full potential

I used to suffer badly from this in my 20’s and it really hindered how i showed up at work, in friendships, relationships etc. The worry of what other people thought of me made me question all my actions and retreat into a smaller version of myself

I can honestly say that there’s an immense FREEDOM and JOY that comes from not fearing judgement from others and its LIFE CHANGING!!

How much does it currently affect you?
  • On a daily basis how much do you worry what others think?
  • What does it stop you doing?
  • Do you find yourself going out of your way to people please?
  • Do you struggle to say no for fear of disappointing someone?
If you want to free yourself from these constraints you’ve put on yourself I’ve popped 6 top tips on how you can start the process:
  • Concentrate on what you’re trying to achieve not what others think …. remember the end goal
  • You literally have no control what other people think
  • Focus instead on being the BEST VERSION OF YOU
  • Remember 99.9% of the time nobody is thinking anything of you they are too busy concentrating on their life
  • Ask yourself what price are you paying for the worry, how does it effect how you show up?
  • Who would you be without that anxious thought? What would you do differently?

Make a deal with yourself to release from the power you’ve put on the opinions of others and start to concentrate on YOU ( life’s too short !)

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