20 Oct 21 / Blog

Success Does Not Equal Happiness

Theres a lot of clients who come to me having carved out a very successful career/ business but they cant understand why they’re still not happy. Let me explain why success does not equal happiness

If your motivation comes from a negative connotation then no matter how much success you create for yourself you will still be left feeling empty

Let me give you an example: If you were bullied at school or maybe there was a presumption that you wouldn’t amount to much, you may well have used this to flip it and succeed. This is fantastic as you used a negative event/ time and turned it into something positive but if you were expecting it bring you happiness, self worth and make you feel valid so you could “show them” than I’m guessing you’re probably left feeling empty

Happiness and self worth only comes from within, external validation and achieving goals is a fleeting feeling. YOU need to value you and enjoy each part of the process of success no matter the outcome or the validation 

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