11 Oct 21 / Blog

The Depression Cycle

I went through 10 years of depression cycles, each year I would hit rock bottom visit the doctor get my tablets and have therapy of some sort. I just presumed it would always be that way. The depression cycle keeps you stuck, it’s a debilitating struggle because any anxious thought will immediately make you think you’re headed for that dark space and you don’t get to stand outside your thoughts and actually see what is going on. Read on though as there is a way….

I was lucky, once this became so out of control which manifested as an eating disorder I decided there and then something had to change, I just didn’t want to live in that struggle anymore

Thats when I saw a life coach which literally change the trajectory of my life! Not just mentally but also opened my eyes to how powerful mindset work is when you can identify your mental triggers and install the powerful coping mechanisms that will stop the spiral and remove that struggle

My personal triggers were:

  • Worrying what other people thought
  • Feeling like I wasn’t good enough
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Procrastinating 
  • Worrying about worst case scenario 
  • Presuming what other people were thinking

I also had limiting beliefs, a story I would tell myself that kept me stuck causing self sabotage. The only coping mechanism I had was to keep going on anti depressants oh and smoking that was something I wrongly presumed calmed me 

I am proof that you don’t have to keep repeating that anxious depressive cycle that you can find coping mechanisms that actually deal with all your individual triggers and live a life free of the struggle, happy, content and confident

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