16 Mar 21 / Blog

The top 5 performance habits

There are 5 performance habits that successful high achievers do everyday that you can adopt right now.

But before i go into this let me tell you why performance habits are super important. With any success its 80% mindset and 20% skill / ability/ knowledge.

Lets go deeper again on this, if you are someone who has limiting beliefs about your own achievements and all the ways in which you could fail then you will be sabotaging your results because you’re 80% mindset is in a negative bias and therefore hindering the outcomes you are looking for.

The performance habits are not just designed to help you perform at your highest potential but also to help focus your MIND. When you focus your mind you start to get results and when you get results you’ll start to believe in yourself more and more. Try these habits for 30 days and see what happens.

NOTE you don’t need to be a high achiever yet to adopt these you can build these now so you’re starting your success on a solid platform

The top 5 PERFORMANCE HABITS you can adopt that all successful high achievers do everyday

  1. Problem Solve. Don’t think “I cant do this” instead ask yourself “how can I do this”
  2. Create energy. Monitor your energy levels and know when you need to switch off. Be wise with your time so you don’t feel the need to stay late or switch the laptop on at home. Down time is for recharging and nourishing the mind and body
  3. Positive motivation. Don’t do something on the basis of receiving approval. Be motivated by the end goal, of creating something or delivering results
  4. Innovative. Always look at what processes can be improved to make the working day better or the outcome
  5. Ninja organisation skills! Focus on being in control and remove the overwhelm. Use an organisation system that works for you and the key here is to never procrastinate just get stuff done!

These skills can be adopted to your personal life too so take time to evaluate where and when you can implement these habits

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