24 Sep 21 / Blog

Unbreakable Mindset Method®

I got a trademark! A few months ago I applied to trademark my Unbreakable Mindset Method®. This was a huge landmark in my coaching practice and as with anything we do if we scroll back to the our younger self if you’d asked me when I’d completed my Coaching Qualification if I’d be trademarking my method 7 years on I probably would have said back the hell off I don’t even know how i’m going to coach my first client let alone create my own method

Coming out of my qualification I had a real fear of just not knowing what I didn’t know and feeling so daunted at the prospect of a client coming to me and what if I didn’t know how to progress the session

That was in the first few months and then I remembered why I went into this, I went in to get clients results just like i’d had years early when I had my own life coach. This was the key to getting my clients through their transformation as I kept developing and building on what I knew that worked for me and the many clients I’d worked with, then all of a sudden I had a solid framework that I still use to this day. For each client I adapt and tweak to their needs but the core of my method remains the same, smashing through my clients anxiety and mental blocks so they can achieve limitless success and happiness

So let me re introduce myself because i’m flipping proud of the work I do…… I’m Jude Daunt, Founder of the Unbreakable Mindset Method®

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