29 Jun 21 / Blog

Wellbeing week

This video was done for wellbeing week 2021 in collaboration with some work i did for MONSOON ACCESSORIZE to share tips on how to change your emotional state

When we are stuck in the emotional state that is driving us to a negative space it makes it incredibly difficult to just snap out of it. Checking in with your energy is key to being able to disconnect from the emotional thoughts.

Think of a time when your mood has been low, you’re frustrated by an external situation, someones behaviour or actions from a colleague to the kids! Picture yourself in that moment, not only is your energy low but your mood is low and EVERYTHING is much harder. Your responses to others and situations are now in a negative so this compounds your bad day further and you may as well write it off

I have one of the most simplest ways to get out of this quickly

  1. When you feel yourself in that frustration, you’re annoyed, your sad, angry etc whatever that is for you immediately check in with your physical state, your energy
  2. This supports you to disconnect form the emotion and see yourself externally. How do you feel physically? where is your energy? where are the psychical reactions, is it a tight chest? clenched jaw, back pain etc
  3. You’re now connected to the physical so with that I want you to ask yourself what is the ideal outcome for your day right now
  4. How can you reframe your thoughts to achieve that? How can you change your response?
  5. What actions can you now take to get your day back on track to a positive state?

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