01 Nov 21 / Blog

What you need to be happy

Many people are stuck in a constant search for happiness but don’t know what happiness even looks like especially those that have anxiety as anxiety can keep us trapped in a world of negative thoughts. By being able to step outside of these emotions and evaluate what you need to be happy is very powerful

So let me share with you the mental and physical ingredients that add up to us feeling happy and content

  • Certainty: To be comfortable and know certain things are a given. Like how much you earn, or your daily or weekly routine
  • Challenge: To be challenged mentally, ensuring that there’s always something that you can work on that stretches your mind a little further than yesterday
  • Love and Connection: Never underestimate the power of meeting with a friend for coffee or being in a relationship that is filled with love! 
  • Variety: The opposite of certainty almost, ensuring that you don’t get bored with the stars quo
  • Growth: Knowing that we are never perfect and never will be but allowing ourselves the space and time to see where we need growth, wether that just being a better parter, friend or parent or mentally growing spiritually or personally
  • Contribution: Giving can be seen as a selfless act but knowing you are doing something good for no reward ironically gives you the best reward of feeling good form within

If you’re ever stuck wondering why you’re just not happy but cant pin point, come back to this and see which of these you’re lacking 

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