‘Coping” with depression

As I’ve discussed on my blog before, I have and always will have depression. OMG thats a depressing sentence to write! ( bare with me its not all doom and gloom)
I am one of the lucky one’s….

I learnt at an early age what causes my depression and therefore am able to put in place MY coping mechanisms. I obviously didn’t learn this overnight and it took a while to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. My coping mechanisms are simple but really effective to keep me functioning. If i have a lot on and its all going round in my head, e.g book a hair appointment, make a phone call to book my car service, write a blog, don’t forget that school trip that needs a pack lunch, buy my much needed Starbucks espresso ground for an espresso machine coffee beans, cat food etc etc etc etc etc….. it can be endless and overwhelming and makes me feel out of control. One of my crutches (Coping mechanisms) is a trusty daily to do list, this may sound a little too simple but this is one thing that helps me regain control and frankly once its written down on paper then its cleared my head of all the ‘stuff’ that was whirling around.
This is what works for me and if I have a few weeks of being a bit lazy and letting go of the list it just builds back up again and then I can sense my mood change. I’m not saying its an attractive quality being the ‘list person’ ( some may say control freak!!) I’ll live with either label, i’m not ashamed and you really have to do what works for you.

In the last 12 years I can count only a few times when it has come back and I have luckily managed to get back on track within weeks, there are a few other things I do to keep me on track and its not a one size fits all.

Working out what brings you down is key to discovering what you can do to implement change. Keep a diary, make a note of your feelings, thoughts, stresses and worries. This is now your starting point and if you cant figure out what you can put in place to ‘cope’ never ever be ashamed to get assistance from an outside source. Life coaching does work, I am living, smiling, ‘coping’ proof! Get in touch and I promise to work with you.

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