Personal Coaching.

All my coaching programmes are tailored to suit your needs, below are some of the many reason my clients work with me. Book in your free consolation below so we can discuss your coaching transformation.

Personal Life Coaching Services:

Anxiety and Depression

Throughout the coaching programme we work together to identify what anxiety triggers you have ( we all have specific triggers!) once identified we will give you the coping mechanisms to have in your armour to combat the triggers. Tools you will use for life.

Confidence Building

Lack of self-confidence can seriously affect your behaviour, mood and the everyday choices you make. Individuals who lack self-belief and self-confidence will often find that certain areas of their lives will be affected and ultimately hold them back. Together we will transform your self-worth and confidence starting from within, challenging the beliefs that you have about yourself, boosting your self-esteem and helping you build a strong and positive self-image.

Career Coaching

Are you feeling like you are at a crossroads with your career and you don’t know which way to turn? You may have decided you want a drastic career change but don’t know where to start or have the confidence to make it happen. You might have kept yourself small not putting yourself forward for promotion but you would like the strength, confidence and resilience to do so. What if you know what you want to do but you would like to sharpen up your interview skills. I’m here for you so get in touch and lets get this in motion

Overwhelmed and Frustrated

Do you feel constantly overwhelmed? Doing everything but achieving very little? I will work with you to enhance the quality of your time at home, at work, with family and loved ones by working through how to achieve the balance – giving you back full control and helping you to ace all areas of your life.

Coaching For Men

It is still extremely hard for men to step into their emotions. I have had incredible success helping my male clients to see not only what is holding them back, but what they need to do going forward. This helps them to overcome anxious thoughts, instil belief and confidence, and understand why they are struggling with their happiness. My proven track record has meant that my client list has always been 50% male, and I’m incredibly proud of that.

Unhappy and Unmotivated

 You may have reached dizzy heights in your career, you may have all the trappings of a wonderful life but you’re left feeling flat, unhappy and unmotivated. You feel guilt as you know you should be happy and grateful but you just cant muster the passion. We will work together to unlock what your happy looks like and give you the road map to achieving it.

Relationship Confidence

Maybe you want to find your soulmate but your dating anxiety and meeting incompatible partners are pattens for you. It maybe that you don’t have many close friends and you struggle to really connect and build strong friendship groups. Whatever relationship issues you are struggling with we will work together to gain and maintain strong mutual relationships where you don’t second guess or feel insecure

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