Reason clients see a Life Coach

REASON 3 Career/ life Direction

* You dread the Monday morning working week
* You even dread Sunday night 
* You’re unhappy with your current job role, you see others progressing but either you don’t have confidence or are unsure as to why you’re not being put forward for roles
* You feel your current career is not right for you
* You’re unsure as to what your career should be 
* You’ve lost interest in most things and unsure as to what is causing this
* You want a refocus on your personal life as you feel your living to work rather than working to live
* You feel you’re missing out on a different life and unhappy with your current path 
* You want to be you’re own boss but don’t know where to start
* You have business ideas but unsure as how to progress with them 

These are just some of the reasons people come to me when they have lost direction either in career or personal life. I have helped many people through dramatic career changes, helped people unravel their business ideas and have a solid plan of how to go forward, worked with people who feel like they have lost their spark in their working week which effects their home life too, worked with people who lack confidence to apply for their dream job
Its a cliche to say that if you do what you love then you’ll never work a day in your life but it sure is true!

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