What are the benefits of Journaling and how do i do it?

Theres lots of reasons why people journal

  • To make sense of their thoughts
  • To document and be able to see patterns of behaviour (good and bad)
  • Remember how you were
  • Daily reflection and self awareness
  • Awareness of progress
  • Enhance organisational skills

I choose to use it for gratitude and keeping track of personal goals. On a monthly basis I’ll write 5 things on the left side of the page that I’m thankful for that happened in the previous month and then I write on the right page 5 things I want to achieve for the month ahead. The benefits are so worthwhile the 5 minutes it takes to complete:

  • I can celebrate my achievements
  • Take time to be thankful for all that I have
  • Make sure I am on track to achieve my monthly/ yearly goals
  • Reflect/ change what it is I actually want and need

I’m not great at remembering to do this so I have set myself a monthly diary reminder as I genuinely find huge benefits in doing it

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