Young Athletes Coaching

Recently I’ve had an increasing number of young athletes come to me for coaching.

Research published in the Journal of Sports Sciences has found successful Olympians have a high degree of self-confidence, are able to block out distractions, are goal-oriented and demonstrate a healthy form of perfectionism in short for any athlete to deliver a gold medal performance, mental toughness is an essential ingredient

Key points I cover in my sessions/ workshops
* Clear focused goals
* How to overcome set backs from a poor performance 
* Understand and practice positive self talk
* Cope with pressures and nerves pre competition and during performance 
* Believe in their abilities 
* Turn fear into passion 
* Breathing techniques 
* Manage emotions
* Improve focus and concentration skills
* Positive focussed attitude

I am loving working with such a passionate group of young people. Truly inspiring .

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