The Unbreakable Mindset Method® will smash through your anxieties & reprogram your subconscious mind.

Mindset Coaching removes the struggle so you can truly love the life you live.

Is Life Coaching For You?

I work with a wide varied range of clients, high achievers, creatives, athletes, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, business leaders, students etc and the one common thread that holds them altogether is that one area or more of their life they feel like they are not good enough.

If you’ve ever resonated with any of the following statements or desire to transform your mindset and elevate your life, then working with me is the key:

    • ➔ You’ve suffered from anxiety for years but just live with it
    • ➔ You lack confidence
    • ➔ You procrastinate
    • ➔ You worry about stuff that hasn’t happened
    • ➔ The approval of others is key to you feeling worthy
    • ➔ You question the path you are on
    • ➔ You always feel overwhelmed and low in energy
    • ➔ You struggle to up-level your career/business
    • ➔ You never have time for yourself
    • ➔ You feel trapped in your own thoughts
    • ➔ You struggle to connect in your personal and/or professional relationships
    • ➔ You worry you will sabotage everything you’ve worked for
    • ➔ You achieve a goal and then immediately move the goalposts and start to worry about the next on

    If you’ve been feeling one or more of these book your FREE consult below.

    Change Your Thoughts And

    you’ll change your world

    one to one life coaching is for you if

    ✓ You’re ready to invest in your transformation

    ✓ You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

    ✓ You’ve tried this on your own but you need support

    ✓ You’d prefer a personalised approach

    ✓ You want accountability for change

    ✓ You want to uplevel each area of your life

    ✓ You’re ready to finally get real results 

    I only take on a minimal number of 1-1 clients each month to ensure I am giving my full attention and energy to your transformation.

    “Jude and the mindset methodology she has created has changed my life!

    I will forever be grateful for what I see as magic. When I approach Jude, I had really low self-esteem, I felt very unhappy and lost in the world that I knew could offer me so much more. I’m now in control of my mind, I can problem, solve and tackle any situation with an inner feeling of calm. I feel happy and excited for the future – Jude, you’re amazing!


    “In Just a few sessions, Jude had had a significant, positive impact on my outlook on life.

    She is totally invested in understanding the root cause of the difficulties, and putting together clear, personalised strategies, in order to navigate a way forward. Her calm, patient and welcoming nature allowed me to open up and express my feelings freely. All in all, it’s clear that has a real passion for helping her clients and this is what makes her a great life coach.”

    – Jordan

    Benefits of life coaching

    Experience the Powerful Benefits of Life Coaching with the Unbreakable Mindset Method®

    Some of the most common benefits of life coaching and using the Unbreakable Mindset Method®, as reported by previous coaching clients:

    ✓ Silence your personal anxiety triggers, eliminate negative self-talk, and gain clarity

    ✓ Embrace coping mechanisms that become lifelong tools, transforming into positive habits and your natural state

    ✓ Reprogram your subconscious mindset, eradicating self=doubt and fully recognising your worth

    ✓ Adopt high-performance habits and action strategies for unprecedented success

    ✓ Shift from overwhelm to empowerment, unlocking your highest potential

    ✓ Increase energy and reignite your passion for your journey

    ✓ Take control of your mind, transitioning from low mood to unwavering motivation

    ✓ Foster deeper connections in your personal and professional relationships

    ✓ Gain clarity on your goals and start implementing transformative changes

    ✓ Elevate your mood through conscious thinking and intentional mindset shifts

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience these life-changing benefits. Take the next step towards personal growth and schedule a consultation today.

    “I am so greatful for your expertise and the work we’ve done together.

    I feel privileged to have had the experience and to have spent these hours in your company. I’d like to think that I’ve found a friend as well as a coach, and there’s so much more out there for me now than I could see before we started working together. I’ll be checking in regularly, even if it’s just the odd comment on Instagram, and looking forward to seeing where the next year takes me. 

    Who would have thought that I could get to feel like an 8/10 even on the crazy work days?! The downs don’t get me down so much anymore and the future is actually pretty exciting. There’s a lot of work still to do but I’m embracing the challenge rather than feeling completely overwhelmed. I feel in control of my life, rather than it controlling me.”

    – Jen


    Step One |   Childhood Blueprint

    My clients can range from deep trauma in childhood to an idyllic upbringing but either way it’s all relevant to our current blueprint and how we show up in the world. The starting point to reprogramming is understanding what the current data tells us.


    Step Two |   Self Inquiry

    Identifying what your limiting beliefs and triggers are and how they show up in your current situation and which ones are holding you back.


    Step Three |   Subconscious reprogramming

    Arming you with all the Unbreakable Mindset® toolkit, positive coping mechanisms and high-performance habits.


    Step Four |   Review of New Identity

    This is when you start stepping into the person you want to show up as! Instilling unstoppable confidence and self worth.


    Step Five |   Future Planning

    Making sure you integrate your new mindset to align with future goals and desires. Leaving with a road map of where you want to get to and beyond.

    Throughout the whole process, you are supported and nurtured allowing you to see real progress whilst in the programme. 


    ✓ Coaching in person at my office in Newcastle or anywhere in the world via ZOOM

    ✓  Access to me in between sessions via email or whats app to share any wins and ask questions

    ✓ Your second session will be a deep dive 90 minute discovery so we can unlock where the current discomfort stems from

    ✓ DISC® personal 20-page profiling document personal to you

    ✓ Resources provided personalised to you delivered after each session

    ✓ 12 coaching sessions

    “I came to Jude with a mind that needed to change it’s negative spin and critical attitude towards myself.

    Our sessions were underpinned by one central focused goal but applied to my overall personal and professional life.  Her holistic, positive approach that emphasises and challenges your learnt values allows you to break from the barriers that hold you back. My outlook and life has changed in a positive way beyond all expectations and has allowed me to grow as an adult for the better on every level. My thanks does not give the gratitude Jude deserves and I think a promise to strive to grow as she has taught me is the legacy she will leave with me.”


    “I came to Jude with terrible anxiety that was stopping me from working and enjoying life as I used to.

    I had tried different kinds of therapy and counselling which didn’t work for me and so was skeptical that life coaching was the right choice. Jude didn’t disappoint – we got straight to working through the causes of my anxiety and she gave me different homework to do each week to push me out of my comfort zone, we then worked on what I would like to do as a career and within 6 months of me starting to see her she had got me working again and in a much happier place! Jude was definitely made for life coaching, I can’t recommend her enough, she’s an actual miracle worker!

    – Charlotte

    One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is to not invest in themselves, play small and get frustrated with the same patterns of behaviours, struggles, and results (or lack of them).

    If you’re ready for your next level, and limitless success, book your complimentary call now

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