What Clients Say.

Kind words from some of my past and present clients.

Jude and the mindset methodology she has created

has changed my life! I will be forever grateful for what I see as magic. When I approached Jude, I had really low self-esteem, I felt very unhappy and lost in a world that I knew could offer me so much more. I’m now in control of my mind, I can problem solve and tackle any situation with an inner feeling of calm. I feel happy and excited for the future – Jude you are amazing!


I came to Jude as I was struggling with anxious thoughts

About myself in the workplace and my business. Since working together I have undergone a huge transformation. I no longer worry about what others think of me in the workplace, I haven’t had a panic attack for eight months and the knowledge she’s given me on business has propelled my confidence and self belief to a new level. Thank you so much Jude you are amazing


I had recently started a new job, with a new company, which came with much more responsibility and expectations. I was struggling with thoughts like, “am I good enough?” and “maybe I made a mistake?”

these thoughts were paralyzing at times and causing me anxiety. Some days it was hard to even get out of bed.

Jude helped me realize that imposter syndrome and procrastination are not uncommon and that I have a ton to offer professionally and personally. We developed a structure for me to work through my limiting beliefs and ongoing thoughts that I am not good enough or I don’t fit in. We dug deeply into my personality traits, and I now have a much better understanding of what I bring to the table and I am able to identify the personality traits of others at work to maximise our interactions. 

After the 12 sessions I regained tons of confidence at work and personally by utilizing Jude’s framework and tools for dealing with not only my limiting beliefs but also stressful daily situations. The most powerful tool for me is I became more mindful of embracing my positive personality traits, observing the behaviours and personalities of others, and adjusting my approach accordingly. As a result, I wake up every day ready for the challenge at hand and with a positive attitude to make a difference. I have Jude to thank for Increased Self Confidence, Lowered Anxiety, More Motivation & Energy.


I came to Jude initially to help reduce my anxiety levels as I felt that this was holding me back and to regain a sense of control in my life.

I was frustrated and disconnected with myself. Jude helped me to question some of my automatic thoughts and responses, but also dismantle the stories I’d been telling myself for years about who I am, what I think, and how and why I am the way I am. So many things I thought I knew about myself were based on false beliefs. I’m probably the last one to realise it, but sometimes it takes an outsider to make you see yourself anew.

Now I’ve fallen in love with my life all over again. Things aren’t perfect, they never will be, for anyone, and I have plenty of goals I’m working on, but I’m happy. Really happy, in the here and now. I feel confident and excited about the future and being able to design the life I want. And without Jude’s help, I’d still be struggling to connect with all the good around me and with myself. Her methods are gentle but persistent and she works with empathy and understanding, which was just what I needed. She supports and champions you every step of the way. Will 100% be continuing to work with her. Everyone needs a Jude in their life!.


I came to Jude with an open mind that needed to change its negative spin and critical attitude towards myself.

Our sessions were underpinned by one central focused goal but applied to my overall personal and professional life.  Her holistic, positive approach that emphasises and challenges your learnt values allows you to break from the barriers that hold you back.  My outlook and life has changed in a positive way beyond all expectations and has allowed me to grow as an adult for the better on every level. My thanks does not give the gratitude Jude deserves and I think a promise to strive to grow as she has taught me is the legacy she will leave with me.


I went to Jude as I knew my life was spiralling and after spending 2 days on her BHappy retreat 3 years ago

 I knew she would help me re-focus again. My goals were initially to lose weight and be more present in my life. Fast forward 5 months, I have my life back. Im calm, I understand my triggers, Im on a journey to be the best version of myself. What’s more to me, is that my kids/family have the old me back. I love that I can now be everything they need and more. Jude’s ability to help you understand and refocus is special and everyone needs to have a Jude to make you feel special again at some point in life, thanks again Jude. Xx


So before my sessions with Jude, I was stuck in a bit of a rut and living life aimlessly,

not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life professionally.  I couldn’t really see a future where I was able to do what interested me due to mostly a lack of self belief. During my sessions with Jude, she not only helped me with increasing my self belief but also gave me a helping hand with regards to my future aspirations which helped me realise my ideal job, while not easily achievable, is something I have the potential to do. By the end of our sessions together I have started to make progress to get to my dream job and have started a role in my chosen sector. Jude once again thank you for your help, I’d still be stuck without it!


Jude, thank you very much! You have helped me more than you will ever realise…

Thank you for making me believe in myself and actually start to like myself. On the days when i struggle you have given me the tools to stop, breath and work through it


I am so grateful for your expertise and the work we’ve done together…..

I feel privileged to have had the experience and to have spent these hours in your company. I’d like to think that I’ve found a friend as well as a coach, and there’s so much more out there for me now than I could see before we started working together. I’ll be checking in regularly, even if it’s just the odd comment on Instagram, and looking forward to seeing where the next year takes me. 
Who would have thought that I could get to feel like an 8/10 even on the crazy work days?! The downs don’t get me down so much anymore and the future is actually pretty exciting. There’s a lot of work still to do but I’m embracing the challenge rather than feeling completely overwhelmed. I feel in control of my life, rather than it controlling me. 


Before I started my coaching with Jude I was struggling with anxiety and generally feeling overwhelmed in my day to day work

I had a stressful senior position in education and felt it wasn’t the right fit for me but I lacked direction and confidence of what changes I could make going forward.The sessions were really useful in discussing through the issues I was having, but Jude also gave practical tools/strategies to work through these issues. I think working through my limiting beliefs and where they stem from was one of the biggest breakthrough points. The realisation that a lot of of was going on was due to negative chatter in mind and me seeking validation from others rather than being my own cheerleader and having confidence in myself.

I feel I have had numerous results, generally I feel more positive and confident in myself. I am able to catch my negative thinking and have tools/strategies for when I feel things are getting too much. Also I have made proactive changes in my career that I know are better for me in the longer term, something I don’t think I would have had the courage to do before working with Jude


I contacted Jude to help with my lack of enthusiasm and motivation that I had for my business and also personal life

I had a habit of procrastinating and would bury my head rather than face the issue. I had no faith in my judgement, or my achievements.

Jude really helped me to be grateful and proud of what I had achieved so far. I have much more confidence now to make solid secure plans and projections for the business, instead of trying to carry it all around in my head, which then improves my enthusiasm and daily motivation. 

I feel much happier all round.


Prior to starting sessions with Jude I would often ruminate at length on issues and sometimes fall into the trap of making assumptions

about what I thought other people were thinking without any solid justification.Using Jude’s services taught me the value of unpacking negative thoughts to truly get to the root cause (sometimes not as obvious as you might think) and then come up with workable solutions to overcome. A lot of this involves subtle but incredibly effective cognitive retraining of the brain. Jude is an amazing life couch and more, but you will only reap the benefits if you take personal ownership and responsibility for your results by putting the learnings into practice. The results for me have been that it has enriched both my personal and professional life to be able to better cope with stress and anxiety, whilst giving me additional confidence in my decision making. I would not hesitate to recommend Jude’s services.


I came to Jude with terrible anxiety that was stopping me from working and enjoying life as I used to.

I had tried different kinds of therapy and counselling which didn’t work for me and so was skeptical that life coaching was the right choice. Jude didn’t disappoint – we got straight to working through the causes of my anxiety and she gave me different homework to do each week to push me out of my comfort zone, we then worked on what I would like to do as a career and within 6 months of me starting to see her she had got me working again and in a much happier place! Jude was definitely made for life coaching, I can’t recommend her enough, she’s an actual miracle worker!


I can’t thank Jude enough. I knew that I was ready to leave my job and sort of knew which direction I wanted to go in next..

With Jude’s tools and techniques, I quickly figured out what would work for me and what wouldn’t. I found considering my intellectual and emotional forms of stimulation very interesting as it made me realise that as long as you are getting these from somewhere in your life then your career doesn’t need to provide you with everything. I have now got an interview at a charity which supports my values and I feel very excited for the next step – thank you!


In just a few sessions, Jude has had a significant, positive impact on my outlook of life.

She is totally invested in understanding the root cause of the difficulties, and putting together clear, personalised strategies, in order to navigate a way forward. Her calm, patient and welcoming nature allowed me to open up and express my feelings freely. All in all, it’s clear that has a real passion for helping her clients and this is what makes her a great life coach.


I found Jude’s website one night when work issues were keeping me awake and I emailed her at three in the morning!

Working with Jude has helped me think more carefully about what I want and what I can do to achieve it. I had lost my feeling of control and Jude has helped to empower me to speak up for myself and take control. Jude has fantastic people skills; she is warm and approachable and her enthusiasm is infectious. I would recommend life coaching to anyone and Jude is really prepared to go the extra mile to support you.


I found the life coaching experience and working Jude really positive.

I enjoyed the simplicity of some of the concepts and techniques she shared with me. Our sessions have helped me manage some of the complex problems I’ve faced over the last few months and on the whole I feel a lot stronger and confident.


When I met Jude, I was not in the best place.

One of the first things she asked me was ‘what do you want to take from these sessions?’- my response, ‘To start a new chapter’. 
I had been working in the same position for many years and whilst I was still passionate about my chosen career, I felt I had come to a dead end. Going around in circles, I had fallen into a cycle of negativity and stress. I didn’t know how to move past this and was plagued by self doubt and negative thoughts. 
Jude helped to change my mindset and overcome these issues by adjusting my perspective. Instantly she made me feel comfortable talking about things which I had never managed to say out loud, nor comprehend. Jude helped to navigate some very daunting situations and continued to support me throughout a tough transition phase. 
Beyond those sessions, I have managed to employ these coping mechanisms into many aspects of my life. I now feel that with this help I have an overall more positive and optimistic outlook.
I would recommend life coaching to anyone seeking help or support in their life, in any way. Jude is understanding, empathetic, professional and infectiously positive! Overall wonderful energy to feed off. 
If you are reading this and considering life coaching, as someone was once in your position I can honestly say, please go for it. We can always stand to learn things about ourselves and improve. You won’t regret it.”


I was in my mid-20s, just got a new job, new car, new house, moved in with my boyfriend and everything seemed perfect on the outside.

However, I felt deeply unstable and unhappy on the inside. Depression and anxiety really don’t come with warning signs and can affect anyone at any time! I feel lucky to have found Jude at the right time in my life. Jude has really helped me regain control of my career, personal and professional relationships and well-being. Its been a few months since my last session with Jude and I can really notice the long-term positivity in my life.

I decided to visit Jude when I felt I hit a brick wall in my life and couldn’t find a way around it.

As you can imagine I was a little apprehensive at first, but Jude was extremely welcoming and after my first session I felt completely at ease with her. A few sessions later I could see a way of taking down that brick wall! It did take time, yet Jude helped me unravel my issues and I was able to find ways of dealing with them. Taking small steps and having goals slowly lifted my anxiety and made me realise I can do this. I couldn’t recommend Jude enough to help anyone who feels stuck in their life, no matter what the issue, she is a breath of fresh air and pleasure to be with. I still visit Jude on the odd occasion for what I call ‘my life booster’. It is easy to slip, yet she is happy to pass you a hand and help you back on your way. Thank you Jude! You have been amazing over the past months

Having come to a point in my life where I needed advice and guidance I found Jude at the wellbeing fair in Newcastle.

I decided to make an appointment and have not looked back from making that decision.  Jude helped me to have a clear view of my career hopes and dreams and from her calm and informed approach I was able to act decisively and as a consequence, my career path has changed and I am happy. She helped me to view life calmly and with clear thoughts. I am in a better place for having met Jude and working with her. She has been and will continue to be an inspiration. I recommend her without reservation.

I tried life coaching with Jude to help with stress when everyday life got too much/ hectic.

A year on and I continue to use the coping strategies keeping stress levels under control. I can start focusing on goals now that I can deal with everyday stuff. I have the odd top up session every so often to make sure I’m sticking to focusing on me and not getting bogged down with day to day tasks.

Working with Jude was great. I particularly valued her positive and focused approach.

We covered a lot of ground in seven sessions. The main benefits were helping me to clarify my medium-term career goals and developing a structured action plan to realise them. She combines positive thinking and encouragement to ‘think big’ with practical advice and support.

I decided to give life coaching a try as I was tired of just plodding on in my job, and never fulfilling what I really wanted to do.

I knew what my obstacles were (money, family life, fears of it not working etc) but just couldn’t seem to find a way around these obstacles. Jude changed all of that. I realised I was putting up the obstacles due to fear, and Jude helped quash my fears. I now feel so much more free of fear and figured if I want a better life, I was the one who could make it happen and I am now well on the way. Yes, my fears still creep back now and then, but I won’t let them stand in my way now. Thanks to Jude.

I have been so pleased with my sessions of Life Coaching. I was really mixed up when I went to see Jude.

Life coaching certainly makes you think differently, and approach your life in a different way. Once I had written my goals down I felt so much better, then I put to use the information I had learnt. It has certainly changed the way I look at life now and Miss Daunt was remarkable in helping me find what best to do to get to the bottom of my problems. I also found the sessions very calming. After session one I tried to put to work the goal setting techniques that we went through. Little by little, the problem started to be not a problem at all because I had conquered my demons. I certainly felt elated after my sessions because I could see light at the end of the tunnel. Really just talking to my Life Coach from the very first day, I started to feel a weight lifted off my head. I am certainly very pleased I embarked on the life coaching journey…

The Coaching sessions helped me to step back from problem situations and see the possibilities I had before me.

It is helping me to rebuild my relationship and reassess my perceptions of where I was and where I was going. My relationship still has its problems but communication has improved dramatically. Having found this new direction I feel my life is turning a corner.

A massive thanks to Jude, she has helped me get my life back!

When I went to see Jude I felt lost and alone, I felt I had no choices in my life and everything felt a mess. With Jude’s help, I began to see my worth and that I had so many choices, she helped me see my potential and whilst it takes work and effort I’m now well on my way to achieving all I want from my life.Thanks Jude!!

Starting secondary school brings its own challenges, new friends to make, home work, puberty,  fitting in etc.

This added to a child who is very self conscious and prefers to hide in the background made the start to secondary school all the more difficult. We had lots of tears, anger, frustration and to top this off my child no longer came to me for advice. With Jude’s help I now have a happier child, who will now open up to me and has more confidence in speaking to her peers.  She still has difficult periods of tears and frustration but these are fewer and far between.  She is even getting more adventurous with her clothes choices daring to venture out in something that is not black!

In just a few sessions, Jude has had a significant, positive impact on my outlook of life.

She is totally invested in understanding the root cause of the difficulties, and putting together clear, personalised strategies, in order to navigate a way forward. 
Her calm, patient and welcoming nature allowed me to open up and express my feelings freely. All in all, it’s clear that has a real passion for helping her clients and this is what makes her a great life coach. 

As the parent of an elite athlete struggling with confidence issues, I approached Jude after receiving a recommendation from a friend.

We had previously tried a number of things to help – hypnotherapy, online courses even a confidence coach all with little success. My daughter is shy with new people but she was immediately at ease with Jude. The content of the sessions was confidential and I never felt the need to know. My daughter came out smiling and gradually built back her confidence. When things get tough she re-visits her session notes and is able to re-focus but there is always the offer of top up sessions from Jude if necessary. I would highly recommend a visit to Jude. Thanks to her I have a happy athlete once again.

Right now, I’m in the southern most city in the world – Ushuaia. A few years ago, I would have never believed this trip was possible but I’m doing it.

Tomorrow, I set sail for Antarctica and an experience I’m likely to remember for a lifetime. I haven’t suddenly become rich or fearless. I haven’t won a competition or shot to fame. I’ve worked daily to save, stay accountable to the goals I’ve set and work on my self limiting beliefs. A huge thank you to Jude Daunt Coaching for being an amazing coach and guide. Your positivity is something that made each session a joy. I didn’t know whether coaching was for me when we first met but through the transformation I’ve had, its all coming together and I’m excited to help others.If you’re reading this and wish you could believe in yourself more or achieve a lifetime goal, I’m telling you its possible. You can do it!

I literally cannot thank you enough, your sessions have given me much needed support and guidance and have enabled me to fulfil my dream of travelling alone.

With your help I’ve started shifting my mindset to see the positives and have started believing in myself. The unexpected check ins and little messages from you are extremely thoughtful and make you stand out from any therapist/coach I’ve seen before. Keep doing what you’re doing as you are helping so many people in different ways and your kindness and positivity is lighting up the dark xx

When I met Jude, I was not in the best place. Going around in circles, I had fallen into a cycle of negativity and stress.

Jude helped to change my mindset and overcome these issues by adjusting my perspective. Instantly she made me feel comfortable talking about things which I had never managed to say out loud, nor comprehend. I now feel that with this help I have an overall more positive and optimistic outlook. I would recommend life coaching to anyone seeking help or support in their life, in any way. Jude is understanding, empathetic, professional and infectiously positive! An overall wonderful energy to feed off.

Working with Jude has been such a positive experience. She has encouraged me to work towards where I would like to be whilst appreciating where I am.

I always leave her studio full of inspiration, ideas and plans I want to put into action. I have achieved a lot in a short space of time due to her support and help with organisation. I am happier since meeting Jude! She is amazing at her job, she really listens and offers help and support whilst being encouraging and coming up with fresh ideas. If you were thinking of having some sessions I’d say ‘Go for it!’ as she has such passion for her work and genuinely loves to help people succeed and see them reach their goals.

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