A Month to Manifest

The Easiest Manifestation Course on the Market

Create the life you want with a course that’s straightforward and simple to follow.  

In just four weeks you’ll learn how to manifest your dreams effortlessly

Manifesting shouldn’t feel difficult. With over 8 years’ experience in coaching clients to success, I’ve harnessed the power of manifestation and created this course to be as simple as possible. I’ll guide you step by step so that you can maximise your own potential and with lifetime access, you can come back to it again and again. 

Maybe you’ve heard of the law of attraction? Perhaps you’re a complete newbie with no idea where to start. You might even be skeptical.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is bringing something into your life through belief, attraction, and action. 

But there are lots of blocks that can stop you from bringing your desires into your reality: 

  • Not being able to match your mindset to the outcome 
  • Having negative thoughts about the outcome but being unsure how to turn this around 
  • Forceful manifesting – when you’re so desperate for the outcome that your intention becomes confusing
  • Not being specific enough 
  • Being too specific
  • Spending more time in your negative belief state than you are in a high vibrational state
Wellbeing Week
Wellbeing Week

Does Manifestation Really Work?

Yes! The Universe is always listening and responding to your thoughts, feelings and actions.  For most of us, it’s not commonplace to walk around feeling positive all the time, but this course will help you to transform your life, by reaching your highest potential.

If you want to see real change this year, then manifestation could help create a life you love in a matter of weeks – without the hustle or struggle.

This course is for you if:

  • You’ve read The Secret but didn’t do anything about it (or any other law of attraction material)
  • You are open to the idea of manifestation but don’t understand how it works
  • You want to live in abundance and gratitude with a more positive outlook on life
  • You’re not living the life you desire 
  • You want to start seeing real change this year
  • You want manifestation to be easier
  • You have big dreams for yourself 
  • You’ve manifested some things, but not the things you really want
  • You’re doing everything you are supposed to be doing, but it’s not working

What You’ll Learn on the Month To Manifest Course

Week 1 Mapping Out Your Desires 
The starting point of any manifestation is knowing exactly what you want and how to ask for it. You’ll learn how to create a vision board, remove fear, overcome doubts, and get clarity on what you really want. 

Week 2 Aligning Your beliefs To The Desires
The starter tools you need to get your client to lay the groundwork for transformational results. 

Week 3 How To Manifest With Intention
Using techniques that I have developed over the last 8 years, you’ll learn to put yourself and your energy into a high vibrational frequency. This is when things start to happen!

Week 4 Harnessing Manifestation For Life
Time and time again I hear from clients and individuals who stopped manifesting just as it was working. They felt they didn’t need to keep up the work, got sidetracked by life events or their limiting beliefs kicked in, setting them back. I’m going to share with you the knowledge of how you can stay on track, fully manifesting EVERYTHING you desire, how to restart the process when you lose faith and how to harness this power for the rest of your life. 

Benefits of the Month To Manifest Course

The value of this course is £1997

Bonus – Meditations 

Bonus – Reading and Listening List 

Bonus – Printable Handouts 


Value of bonuses £500

Total Value for this type of transformational Manifestation course £2497

I want everyone to be able to harness the power they have to manifest their dream life so I’m offering this to you for only  £2497


Friends who manifest together…

And to really set you up for success, I encourage all of you to do this course simultaneously with a friend. Doing the course alongside a like-minded individual will give you both extra support and alignment. In fact, I’m so passionate about making this work for you, that I’m offering a discount for those who sign up together. Click below to find out more.

The Podcast!

The Unbreakable Mindset Podcast is now available on your chosen Podcast app.

Hosted by Jude and with episodes dropping every Tuesday, it’s your weekly dose of inspiration for everything mindset and manifestation.

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