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I believe there are no limits to the things you can achieve when you have the confidence, the ambition, the goal in mind and the attitude to make it happen. This may not be how you feel right now I’m guessing you’re feeling low in confidence, have low self-esteem and self-doubt is holding you back from achieving all that you could be.

This is where coaching works, we will work together to enable your dreams and desires to be realised as you banish your fears and reframe past negative experiences. Doing what you’ve always done will give you the same results so make a promise to yourself that you want to change and embark on a journey with me that will move you forward with purpose and a new found self-confidence.


Working with Jude was great. I particularly valued her positive and focused approach. We covered a lot of ground in seven sessions. The main benefits were helping me to clarify my medium-term career goals and developing a structured action plan to realise them. She combines positive thinking and encouragement to ‘think big’ with practical advice and support.

I found the life coaching experience and working Jude really positive. I enjoyed the simplicity of some of the concepts and techniques she shared with me. Our sessions have helped me manage some of the complex problems I’ve faced over the last few months and on the whole I feel a lot stronger and confident.

I found Jude’s website one night when work issues were keeping me awake and I emailed her at three in the morning! Working with Jude has helped me think more carefully about what I want and what I can do to achieve it. I had lost my feeling of control and Jude has helped to empower me to speak up for myself and take control. Jude has fantastic people skills; she is warm and approachable and her enthusiasm is infectious. I would recommend life coaching to anyone and Jude is really prepared to go the extra mile to support you.

The Coaching sessions helped me to step back from problem situations and see the possibilities I had before me. It is helping me to rebuild my relationship and reassess my perceptions of where I was and where I was going. My relationship still has its problems but communication has improved dramatically. Having found this new direction I feel my life is turning a corner.

I tried life coaching with Jude to help with stress when everyday life got too much/ hectic. A year on and I continue to use the coping strategies keeping stress levels under control. I can start focusing on goals now that I can deal with everyday stuff. I have the odd top up session every so often to make sure I’m sticking to focusing on me and not getting bogged down with day to day tasks.

A massive thanks to Jude, she has helped me get my life back!! When I went to see Jude I felt lost and alone, I felt I had no choices in my life and everything felt a mess. With Jude’s help, I began to see my worth and that I had so many choices, she helped me see my potential and whilst it takes work and effort I’m now well on my way to achieving all I want from my life.Thanks Jude!!

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