Being on antidepressants from the age of 15 wasn’t a big deal

So let me tell you why everything we know about depression is wrong….Like most people with anxiety and depression, I just presumed I would always struggle; it was all I knew. Being on antidepressants from the age of 15 wasn’t a big deal in my family. Depression and anxiety were commonplace; all of us believed it was a medical condition we would have to live with.

Tons of therapy ensued for me in my early years, and nothing changed. The breaking point came when my anxiety manifested as an eating disorder, and I was a real hot mess. Stay tuned; I promise this article will get lighter.

After trying every therapy that was available back then, someone recommended a coach that changed my life forever.

What I discovered

So, let me tell you what I discovered on my journey and working with countless case studies over the years.

Anxiety is caused by anxious thoughts. Okay, so that’s not that ground-breaking, but if they are allowed to ruminate and left unchecked, they will become unmanageable, and you end up feeling like you can’t cope, leading to depression.

What I found with most treatments out there is they try to treat the symptoms of anxiety and not the cause. If you’re not treating the cause, then anxiety will always come back, keeping you stuck in that dreaded negative cycle.

So, let me share with you the four common causes of anxiety:

  • Childhood Blueprint: More importantly, your limiting beliefs, beliefs we all formed in childhood from around the age of 7. Beliefs we have about ourselves and the world around us. My beliefs were that of, “life is tough, that’s just the way it is,” “I’m the thick one in the family,” and “if something good happens, something bad follows.”
  • Anxiety Triggers: There are some really common ones that keep people stuck: procrastination, worrying about what other people think, feeling overwhelmed, and disorganisation.
  • Habits and Actions: We will either empower ourselves on a weekly basis or disempower, and at the heart of this is how we show up in all areas of our lives.
  • Lack of Self-Worth: How we feel about ourselves is a huge trigger, and what we allow in and accept is determined by what we think of ourselves.

When you work on reprogramming these four key areas and have the tools to implement this, it becomes ingrained in your subconscious. It is 100% possible to break free from negative mental health when you address the cause rather than just the symptoms.

You can hear more about this on my podcast episode E110 Why everything we know about depression is wrong 

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