Accreditation what does it mean?

If you are starting to research how you can become a life coach, you might be wondering “do I need to be accredited to be a life coach?”

Accreditation means that an official/governing body will have approved the course. This means that the course will have had to have gone through various stages of application and will need to have specific elements to allow that course to gain its accreditation andin turn allow the student to become an accredited member. The main governing bodies for Life Coaching are:

What is the difference between certification and accreditation?

A Certification is what you will get when you pass the relevant course issued by the course provider. This doesn’t mean the certification has gone through and ticked off any form of standards or set requirements. It is just what is deemed by the course provider that you have completed what they’ve asked of you. Accreditation means that this has gone through a set of standards and agreed by the governing body that this is an official course providing you with a high level of training, support and care for your future clients Accredited

Do I need to be Accredited?

Currently, there are no official standards for the industry and anyone can go out and coach. If and when they do bring out guidelines, you will then be required to become certified with an accredited course. If you choose a course that is not accredited right now, it may mean that you have to do further training in the future. Also note that business indemnity insurance will require accreditation to prove you can deliver on the services you advertise

What is the level of diplomas?

Here at the Unbreakable Mindset academy our Life Coach Certification is accredited to an equivalent of a level 4 diploma. A level 4 diploma qualification is equivalent to the first year of a bachelor’s degree, or a foundation degree (two-thirds of a bachelor’s degree). Once qualfied at a dilpoma level will set you apart as an expert within the industry from the get go