When you are in a struggle it can be frustrating to know where to turn and you may be wondering “is Life Coaching the right therapy for me?” 

I saw countless therapists and counsellors before finding a Life Coach who was able to support me in the way I needed. In a constant cycle of trips to the doctors and trying to find different things to work to release me from the depressing cycles that I found myself in, I never felt like I connected with any of the therapists nor did I feel like there was a massive change in anything after my sessions.

Why talking therapy and counselling didn’t work

At the time I barely had the words to describe how I felt let alone understand who I was and what was going on. I went into my sessions off-loaded how I felt and it seemed more like it was me doing the talking with no real solutions or understanding of why I felt that way. 

With any therapy, it’s finding not just the right therapy but also the right therapist with whom you can connect with

Don’t give up! If something hasn’t worked look for what else is out there, was it the therapy that didn’t align with you or the therapist?

My Life Coaching for Depression

I was struggling with depression and an eating disorder and at that point felt like I had tried everything. I was talking to a friend and being very honest about what I was struggling with and this was that sliding doors moment they said: “oh have you thought about seeing life coach, one of the girls in the office is seeing her for confidence maybe she can help?” I was willing to try anything. Maybe If I hadn’t had that conversation I may not be telling sharing this with you now

Why Life Coaching was different 

With coaching it didn’t feel simply like an exchange of words, it felt like I was unpacking my thoughts, being able to question them and then lock in some actions that would help me shift some of the beliefs. 

The work I do in Coaching with clients now is to not just go deep on the ugly stuff but to give tools to problem solve and move forward. It can’t just be about what happens in the session it has to be in conduction with the progress and work the client does outside of the session 

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