Be selfish

Personal goal: be selfish!Never be afraid to do something that’s just for you. You can be loving, caring, forgiving, selfless and adorable but if you don’t do something for yourself once in a while you’ll burn out! Treat yourself and love yourself as much as you love others, after all you’re fabulous too!!! #selfworth #selfishtime #lovingyou #positivelife #judedauntcoaching ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #personalgoal


Yesterday I got to thank the nurse who was present during my stay in hospital when I gave birth to my daughter 9 years ago! I was 4 weeks early, my first child and we were in hospital a week so naturally I was nervous and desperate to take my newborn home. She was the nurse who made that stay…

Something Remarkable

“What’s the point in being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable? How very odd, to believe God gave you life, and yet not think that life asks more of you than watching TV” John Green


This morning I saw a man ( not a wealthy looking man) walk past a street person, go in his bag and pull out a large bag of wine gums and handed them over no fuss just as if he was saying hello, he then passed a second street person and seemingly having nothing else to give gave him his…


I want to create a feed where we can all read positive, thankful, thoughtful and inspiring stories from our day or week as a reminder of the good people and wonderful things in the world. Please go to my Facebook page and SHARE your stories: something you are thankful for, something thoughtful you have done this week, something thoughtful you…