From talking to clients this past week 50% are doing incredibly well and the other 50% are finding this incredibly tough
I personally have been swaying between both on a daily basis. I’m not going to sugar coat this and give you some positive quote to take away but i’m writing this as I want you to understand that how you feel is completely understandable
As Humans we crave structure, certainty, growth and contribution. What we struggle to cope with is change especially if that change came out of the blue and we had no time to mentally prepare
With that comes a range of emotions, disbelief, shock, frustration, sadness and possibly anger. But what comes next and hopefully we’ll all gain this in the next week or two will be acceptance and with acceptance comes clarity. With clarity you will be able to start looking at what you can control.
1 week in now we have a small element of certainty as we know what the next 3 weeks have in store and how you can plan for that. What went well in week 1 and what changes can you make for week 2.
We can be certain that this is not forever its just for now and we’re certainly all in this together
Love to you all,
Jude x