If you spend your time worrying what others think of you then its because YOU don’t value you…

If you don’t value yourself, this will show up in so many areas of your life and you’ll see the same patterns of outcomes and keep creating the same results ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I invite you to change this right now and make a deal with yourself that you’re going to work on you for 30 days and see what difference this makes to your life:

  • Invest in yourself. Spend 15–30 minutes each day doing something that uplifts you
  • Stop comparing and start creating. Start living the life you want rather than comparing to your social media. Spend time creating a vision board of what you really want and then focus on taking action steps to support you in making this vision a reality. It’s super fun!
  • Stop believing you have to be perfect, acknowledge your strengths and love your imperfections. Your uniqueness is your super power and wouldn’t it be so boring if we were all the same?
  • Question your thoughts. Ask them: Are they true? Are they helpful? Are they kind? Before you say anything negative, ask yourself, does this thought benefit me in any way? Does this thought make me better in some way? Or is it just a self attack. Creating awareness around this is a game changer 
  • Start daily gratitude. If you are feeling grateful then it’s not possible to see negativity. Start by writing or saying to yourself 10 things you are grateful for each morning 

Spend as much time loving yourself as you do others and your life will start to open up possibilities you didn’t realise were there