When you feel insecure in various areas of your life you may presume that this is an internal struggle. Something only you feel and keep hidden but do you know how your insecurities can sabotage your goals and outcomes?

Common Insecurities

  • Showing up feeling like they are not smart enough >> causes them to procrastinate at work, struggle to speak up in meetings and fear they will get stuff wrong
  • Internally feeling like they are not good enough >> causing them to have anxiety about relationships either they stay single, sabotage their relationships or pick the wrong type of person
  • Fear failure >> causing them to stay small, not step outside of their comfort zone and never achieve their potential
  • Lack of self-worth >> overthink what they say to people, worry about how they come across, have small friendship group, don’t feel they have anything valuable to bring to a conversation
  • Don’t feel strong mentally >> worry about stuff that hasn’t happened, feel overwhelmed, low energy, not wanting to do much


Unfortunately, when you have any INSECURITIES it can cause you to have habits or actions that confirm the INSECURITY is real keeping you stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage. This makes your goals impossible to achievable

Examples of Self Sabotage

• worry you’re not good enough at work so in meetings you stay quiet rather than say something wrong
• you may then get overlooked for promotion because there is someone more confident at selling themselves
• Thus confirming you’re not good enough so you continue to play small

In all examples, it’s how you feel about yourself that is sabotaging your outcomes.

I invite you to do the inner work so you can start showing up as the best version of you, get out of your own way to be able to focus on the actions needed to achieve the goals rather than focusing on not being good enough.

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