How many times have you said thats it i’m going to do ( fill in the blank)……..

Excitement levels are high, you’ve even invested money in it and then 1 month later you’re still no further forward?

Science says only 8% of people actually achieve their goals, so let me share the secrets of the 8% and how you can achieve what you set out to do!

Step one: Be specific about what you want to achieve

Step two: Be realistic about the milestones, it may take 6 months to a year to achieve so set some mini goals along the way

Step three: Accept failure as part of the process. We all hit walls but its the getting up that counts

Step four: Tell someone. How many time have you not shared your dream or goal for fear of failure? You cant create a dream without a team, you need support form the sidelines and accountability so shout up!

Step five: Learn along the way and keep perfecting until you get there

Lastly I want you to imagine how it will feel when you are at the finish line…..

Go get em tiger 🐯

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