I posted yesterday on my instagram stories that I had done a yoga session, popped a stew in the slow cooker and was sat in my office by 7.30 with a cuppa. Now I can only do that because my little one is getting up at 5.30 so I’m making the most of that time. I’m wanting to do a 30 day yoga practice but let me outline excuses why I cant do it:

– Im exhausted because I’m getting up at 5.30 everyday

– I deserve to wake up slowly with a nice cup of tea and take my time to get ready

– My evenings are currently fully booked 5 nights a week with clients back to back- I can start when things go back to “normal”

– I don’t have enough time

– I don’t have enough energy

Reasons why I WILL do it

– My back is currently in bits because i’m not siting correctly when I am working from home

– I can use the time I’m gaining back by being woken up early

– I will GAIN energy from doing the practice to start the day

– If I set myself a goal with time scales I will stick to it

– I want to see what results I will get after 30 days

– I can set my intentions for the day whilst I’m in my final Shavasana pose

We can all find many reason for not doing something but you can easily find as many reasons to DO it. Be your own motivation and create your own sunshine every dam day!